If you have specific requirements & are looking for that something extra, then our PT programme is just for you.

Here at Core Performance, we don’t just deliver a standard personal training product. We believe in the importance of a true lifestyle balance and understand how the body needs to function to develop progress, lasting results and a healthier body.

Our team understands that training systems and nutritional plans are  NOT a one system fits all. Our structured training programme is about you & achieving results from a lifestyle balance of Training & Nutrition along with understanding the importance of how external factors, such as stress along with how hormones can also affect progress.

Your results and training will be a long-term process with lasting results and lifestyle changes. We are not about short-term fixes or faddy diets that are just not sustainable.

The training approach is different to others, we put your health first & deliver lasting results. To find out more about how we can help you book a FREE consultation.

Nutritional Planning

Here at Core Performance PT we know how hard it can be to understand food groups and what to eat and when. During your time with us you will learn and understand the different food types and nutrients along with how to structure your meals.

With us, all your nutrition is taken care of.


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