Combining the best of both worlds – Strict supervision, correction, and guidance through exercise with the benefits of being supported in a group – this method of training will make it easier to stay accountable and create long-lasting positive habits.

Listen to what our members have to say…

I love the Small Group sessions and I don't normally like group exercise, probably a fear of a too competitive an atmosphere. The coaches, especially Dan, are great and ensure that there is a great range of workouts and that correct techniques are followed.

There is loads of encouragement during the sessions and where there are some moves that I struggle with they will always come up with an adaptation. I didn't "discover" proper exercise until after a knee replacement but thanks to Core Performance it had become part of my weekly routine and I feel so much better for doing the sessions. And that's something I never thought I would say!

Like so many people, I gained lockdown weight and struggled with motivation to get back into a routine involving exercise, despite previously being a gym regular. After two months of Small Group Training with the team at Core Performance I fit in my jeans again and feel soo much better physically and mentally! It is a great team of people, great coaches who clearly know their stuff setting up frequently changing programs to keep interest and motivation going.

The size of the group is just right so I get a personal training like attention at a fraction of the cost. The apps used also help in making booking easy and keeping track of effort and progression. It is so refreshing to be part of a local business where I am welcomed by the owner who clearly cares about his facility.

Love attending these sessions and it’s given me the opportunity to up the sessions I attend from doing personal one on one twice a week to now attending at least 4 a week now. Body shape definitely changing just need to get more organised with food! At the start of the capacity sessions I really don’t think I’ll make it to the end, but I do manage it, it’s great being part of a team with amazing support from the coaches

Put simply SGPT @Core Performance FANTASTIC - the facility, the coaches , the training sessions and the members.

Best training and trainers I have ever had!Super friendly atmosphere. Every session is different and fun.The trainer really push,motivate and helps to exceed our limits and achieve our goals. Highly recommended for all the Small Group Training lovers irrespective of what level you are in.I am definitely carrying on