at core performance

combining the best of both worlds

Strict supervision, correction, and guidance through exercise with the benefits of being supported in a group – this method of training will make it easier to stay accountable and create long-lasting positive habits.

So 6 weeks ago, I signed up with mixed feelings of 'let's do this' and also some trepidation .....what with being an anti-social exerciser. 🤣 However I bloody love these classes😍! You get the benefit of a PT with the camaraderie and extra encouragement of your classmates 🙌. The biggest win 🥇 is that I feel AMAZING 🤩. Oh, of course, I want to lose weight and I probably have, but I am not being dictated to by the scales. I am sleeping better (my body tells me, not a Fitbit - I ditched that a while ago and it was one of the best things I have done).

I also set myself the target of not drinking 🍷 for the 6-week trial period, just to press the reset button. Honestly, I wasn't sure I would make it, as I like a glass of wine and I have only been 'dry' for that long when pregnant or a child! But here we are at the start of week 7, and still dry 😀. Maybe another 6 weeks?!

After the initial DOMS at the start 😬, I have that 'nice' muscle ache after a class, and as above, I feel blooming great 🫶. I can even manage a few full burpees now! 🙌”

As far as I was concerned, I didn’t want to go to the gym, I didn’t like the gym and the gym didn’t like me!

However, a recommendation from a good friend to try out small groups PT at Core Performance changed all that. From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel incredibly welcome and supported and there was not an ounce of intimidation from the environment.

The personal trainers that I work with are excellent and really take the time to get to know me and the other gym members individually so that they can help us achieve our goals. There is a lot of personal coaching and attention even though it is a group session.

There is a lovely camaraderie amongst all of the small group PT members and a mutual determination to help each other succeed. The PTs ensure that the program never gets boring, and is always challenging, but at the same time they take into account any injuries or the fact that someone might be new and less experienced.

As a result of the above, I’ve actually realised that I love the gym and really enjoy the buzz of getting fitter and stronger. I would highly recommend anyone who has ever tried and failed at the gym (or never been) to give small groups PT a try; and the six week trial period is a great way to do this without the worry of a long-term commitment. But I am sure you will end up hooked and stay on as a member!”

I joined SGPT in April 2022 and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Previously, I’d had gym membership where I only ever went to use the sauna and steam room as there was no accountability. I then moved to having a PT once a week but that was having no effect. A friend suggested that for the same price, I could join SGPT and do as many sessions as I liked per week. I was sceptical that I’d actually find a fitness programme that works for me - but it absolutely does! I love the fact that small group training gives the benefits of training with some other people (who are all lovely and friendly) whilst getting watched really closely by the coach, who checks my form and encourages me to reach my potential.

Every workout is different, so impossible to get bored, and my fitness and strength has improved so much - I didn’t even know what a barbell was before! The coaches are great; helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It’s just the perfect set up and the fact that I am accountable to others makes me turn up for training, even when I’ve had a busy day at work. I do 3-4 sessions per week now and it’s part of my routine. I’d recommend it to anyone!